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Copper Room

Lead Station, Chorlton

The Copper Room is upstairs at the Lead Station, in Chorlton just outside Manchester.

Lead Station is a south Manchester institution that is great for brunch in the day through to dinner and drinks in the evening.

The Copper Room is an events space within the building that needed to feel special for those important celebrations.

Event spaces generally are a conundrum. They need to appeal to people booking events that range from christenings, twenty firsts through to wakes. Life's rich tapestry being woven in the fabric of one room.

We chose to create an elegant space where materials do the talking. The bar is articulated as a piece of furniture. We made the bar a single height intervention, rather than the traditional setup of a functional level for bar staff and drinks level for customers. This move created a larger surface area for the bar top, increasing the impact of the pyrolave within the space.

Richmond Street

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