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Kampus, Manchester

Subverting expectations of Mexican hospitality design, Madre does away with the tired cliches. Instead, its authentic, inclusive atmosphere is derived from the warmth and conviviality of the owners’ genuine love of Mexican cuisine and culture.

The word ‘madre’ – meaning mother in Spanish – led R2A to explore associations of ‘home’ in the design. First, through the colour and texture of the traditional adobe house. Second, by creating a homely atmosphere that is comforting, inviting and a desirable place to be. We also looked at contemporary Mexican art and popular culture to layer the space.
The warm atmosphere is enhanced by the terracotta colour scheme. The palette plays with one colour in a variety of tactile materials – brick walls, resin floor, rendered wall and rough plaster ceiling – that will only get better with age. Green tiles, tables and plants provide a vibrant contrast.

The long adobe-inspired wall provides a unifying backdrop to the bar, with the carved-out niches echoing the bathroom mirror and glazed panel in the front door. The booth seats are designed as if they are sculpted from concrete.

Through its warm and convivial design and atmosphere, Madre creates a sense of place and belonging that encourages guests to relax and linger after their meal, enjoying the company of others.

Bean Liverpool One

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